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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Oct 10, 2022

Show Notes 


Do a good job and you don’t have to worry about money.” - Disney

I recently attended a Women’s Leadership Conference at Disney World in Florida. Not only was the conference wonderful, but it gave me the opportunity to observe all the new things Disney is doing these days.


We all know that Disney has quite the strategy that makes people pull out their wallet and buy, buy, buy. So today we’re going over those strategies I observed and breaking them down one by one so you can apply them in your shop. 

Stay Fresh & New - Disney knows how to keep things exciting! New merchandise, new experiences, new adventures. But there’s also a consistency to their brand.


Empower Your Employees - An educated staff and flexible policies are so important. Use Disney’s L.A.S.T. philosophy - Listen, Apologize, Solve, and Think.


Value Prices - Disney prices for value. Improve your customers' perceived value with amazing service, beautiful displays, and a memorable experience.


Healthy Product Mix - Know your customers when it comes to your products. Have a mix of the classics, limited edition, high end, and trendy. 


Market Your Stories - It’s all about the Disney brand and customers wanting to be a part of its special story. Be more than just a shop and share your business culture. Nostalgia sells. Share stories about products you sell, customers, and your brand. 


So… how can you be a little more Disney? 


Full show notes here