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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Oct 5, 2020

Take a hard look at how you’re spending time and energy in your creative retail business. Is there something you’re doing out of habit or obligation, even though it stresses you out? Let’s move past complacency, my friend, and build the right-sized, successful business of your dreams.

Sometimes having to make big changes in your business (like shutting down due to COVID) can end up having remarkable results.

That is just what Susanne Wilkins from the Crazy 8 Barn on Highway 3 in Ontario had to face back in mid-March 2020.

After investing bigtime in the Cafe arm of her brick-and-mortar business and preparing to make the best of it for the busy summer season, Susanne found herself fighting back tears while placing a food order.

Susanne firmly placed her Creative CEO hat on, fought through her fear, and made a bold decision.

Listen to the full episode to hear how stepping through the fear of cutting back a 50% revenue stream led to less stress and increased business profits.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of understanding the profits each revenue stream is bringing in for your business
  • How taking this large revenue stream out of the equation gave Susanne more time off and a great deal less stress
  • Familiarity with her margins and numbers gave Susanne a paycheck for the first time in eight years
  • Why understanding what is important in your retail business is imperative to a thriving business
  • How Susanne is using her new found time to launch brand new product and courses that she is truly passionate about

So tell me, have you made major moves in your creative retail business recently? Come share with us over in the Rockstar Creatives FB community

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