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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Aug 29, 2022

Show Notes 


Another Inner Circle and Accelerator member I’m excited for you to meet, Sylvia Davis is sharing her retailer journey with us. To say she’s an accidental entrepreneur is an understatement. She had the idea of being a shop owner after years of a career in finance, found a vacant space, and on a spur of the moment, three hours later it was hers back in 2016! 


Six years later, Louisville Mercantile now has two locations in her small town of Tennessee (about 4,000 people) and grew from only selling painted furniture to now selling DIY, gifts, consignment, home decor, vintage, and offering workshops. Not to mention she sells online on Facebook every week!

Learn how she grew into a CEO and manages two sister stores. Take in her sound advice on managing it all so beautifully. From hiring, inventory, marketing, standard operating procedures, and knowing her audience - we talk about it all!


Business is a journey. Failure is not a failure. It’s just a learning opportunity. - Sylvia Davis


Full show notes here