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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Aug 22, 2022

Show Notes 


We are ramped up right now in the middle of our Retailer’s Inner Circle Holiday Bootcamp! Sharing new ideas to help with foot traffic, marketing, growth, profits, and how to compete with the big box companies throughout the holiday season.


Whether you’ve owned your business for years or this is your first holiday season, there is always room for refinement. Our Holiday Boot Camp is really just a formula. Take notes because I’m going to share that 5 step formula with you, friends.


  1. Know what you need and where you are headed - Identify specifically what you want from your business. Set your calendar for those big events and think about the time and profits you need.
  2. Have a Revenue Plan - What are you going to sell? What types of products or events are you going to offer in order to reach your revenue goals? Know your average order value.
  3. Map out your Calendar - Include a promotional calendar - set it and implement.
  4. Set Up Your Marketing Plan - Know how you are going to consistently attract new customers and keep the existing ones happy. Marketing is not just about social media and Facebook ads. 
  5. Mindset - You have to make the decision that this is all going to work and that you are going to put forth all of your efforts to make it happen. But it’s also about taking care of yourself.


Set it and IMPLEMENT. Plan now so you can focus on doing what’s important during the holiday rush.


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