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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Dec 19, 2022

Show Notes 


It’s our final episode of the Creative Shop Talk Podcast for 2022!

At the beginning of my mastermind group sessions, members share quick wins, insights, lessons and struggles. It really makes us take the time to acknowledge what’s truly going on in our businesses.


Wins - what are you currently celebrating?

Insights - what have you observed lately?

Lessons - what have you learned?

Struggles - what areas within your business need the most help?


So, in today’s episode of Creative Shop Talk, I’m getting personal and sharing my wins, insights, lessons, and struggles:


  1. I’m excited to say that I’ve gone back into coaching with my coaches. I invested heavily in hiring coaching with real determination of what I want. 
  2. All of your wins are my wins as well. Hearing from so many of you this past year and all of the success you’ve had is a big win for me as well as working with all of my amazing retailer clients.
  3. The Creative Shop Talk Podcast downloads are going up substantially every week.
  4. I got out of my comfort zone and attended a conference for Canadian exporters.
  5. My husband and I bought an RV and took a month-long trip to Newfoundland, Canada.
  6. I have been very attentive to my health.
  7. I faced another fear and invited Jo Packham be a guest on the podcast which in turn, provided many other opportunities to work with Jo. In 2023, I will be writing a business column inside her magazine, What Women Create
  8. Lastly, I have a crystal clear vision and plan for 2023.


Insights -

  1. We don’t have to be cookie cutter. We all need business foundations, but how we create those systems and foundations is going to be different than anyone else. There are many ways to run your business.
  2. We need to be intentional about who we surround ourselves with. Be super selective and find your true allies.
  3. Don’t play small. There’s zero growth in our comfort zone.


Lessons - 

  1. Investing in coaching, teams, business growth, and myself has been huge for me and I see it huge for others as well this past year. 
  2. Raise the bar when it comes to things like tech skills, and what I can do.
  3. I am more comfortable with moving to the next level.
  4. I need to remind myself that I am capable and a strong decision maker.
  5. My wildly most important goals - I have my 3 big focus goals set.


Struggles over the past year

  1. I have too many ideas. I need to corral all of my ideas and make strong decisions on what I can execute.
  2. Imposter Syndrome. It was in my head this year that everyone else had it together and was bigger and better. I need to remind myself that I am not for everybody and that’s ok.
  3. Impatience. I am impatient with my website updates, learning, making my team really cohesive, etc.


I am so excited for what’s coming in retail in 2023 - my clients, the podcast, and the ripple effect it all creates!

My Retail Made Simple course is OPEN and if you decide to purchase through December, you’ll get an amazing BONUS offer. A personal shop audit from me!
Jump in and say YES to a successful 2023!


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