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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Feb 13, 2023


Show Notes 


You’ve spent so much time curating an amazing brand, so now what? It’s important that your customers are having the beautiful experience in your dream shop that you intend for them, so creating a customer journey map can ensure that you are doing all you can to achieve that goal.


Key Touchpoints to Focus On in Your Customer’s Journey Map

  1. Customer’s “awareness” of your shop: All of the things you did to ATTRACT customers: your website, Google My Business, social media, your front window - can customers find info easily on how to contact you?  

  2. Customer’s first impression of your shop: Is the parking lot clean? Is it easy to park? How is the lighting in your shop? Are the mats clean? Did anyone greet the customer? 

  3. Customer’s experience while shopping: Is your store properly merchandised? Is it clean? Are your staff members pleasant and helpful?  Do you play music?

  4. Customer’s check out experience: Is your cash wrap neat? Are you offering conversation to your customer? Is the receipt process smooth? How are you and your team handling any missteps?

  5. Customer’s experience after they’ve left: Do you have things in place for them to refer you, to easily contact you with questions, to leave a review?

  6. Customer’s experience when they return: Is your staff good at recognizing repeat customers? Do you welcome them back?


As you walk through every touchpoint, the most important question to ask yourself is “What is my customer thinking and FEELING while they are experiencing every aspect of my brand and my shop?”


The customer’s journey map is ever-changing so be sure to go through this process regularly. This will help solidify your brand and improve your customer’s experience and in turn what they are saying about your business. 


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