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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jun 4, 2020

When we’re in the middle of hard times, no one wants to think about the “lessons” we are learning at the same time. It’s so much easier to look back at those events ⁠—from a safe distance⁠— and reflect on our takeaways years later.


Right now, as retailers it is tough. We are facing pandemic shutdowns and change, social unrest and more.  We are too deep living in it. It’s hard to see the good right now. We are personally developing, testing our strength and stepping up to the challenges. 


I can’t help but remember the lessons I learned running my cafe years ago. I had something horrible happen in my business. I lost trust with my employees, completely lost confidence and just got tired. Luckily, my loyal customers rallied behind me and helped me realize I still had a passion.


This is a story about endurance and committed to the success of a retail business with questions to ask  yourself if the business is still viable.


You can’t make business decisions from deep inside exhaustion and being emotionally heightened. So let’s chat about this, because we’re all going through these emotions and tiredness now. 

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