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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Aug 21, 2023

With host retail coach Wendy Batten


Show Notes:

Are you looking for some creative new ideas to grow your business? You’ll want to turn up your volume on this one, my friends!


Today on the podcast I’m talking with retailer Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante, owner of Colorful Cute - Miami’s first (and only!) Kawaii gift shop.  Madeline is also an active member of my Level Up Mastermind and my Retailer’s Inner Circle. Like many of us, Madeline describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur. After losing her job in 2020 when the pandemic started, she turned her passion for kawaii (the Japanese culture of cuteness) from an online shop/pop up into a brick and mortar storefront. 


Madeline shares her journey to CEO, bumps and all with us.


For a number of reasons including (1)  a location that isn’t conventionally ideal, (2) opening a brick and mortar during a pandemic, and (3) she isn’t afraid to try new things, Madeline has implemented a number of creative ideas and strategies that have led to incredible growth of Colorful Cute over the past three years. I know you’ll be able to pull something from our conversation to implement in your business, so listen up!


Some of the ideas and strategies Madeline has implemented include:


1. A fresh perspective on marketing: Madeline noticed a niche market that wasn’t currently being served in Miami. Filling that gap came very easy to her because she was also a member of that niche market. Her marketing is very cohesive because the “voice” is simply her talking to her customers as they are friends who love what she loves. Madeline calls it “letting her geek flag fly,” which I love. 


“Excitement is contagious…and that’s what we try to inject into our marketing.” - Madeline


2. Hosting events: Madeline began hosting events like movie nights, cons, and trading nights after realizing that her customers were looking for community through her shop.


3. Growing her online presence through Instagram: Madeline uses hashtags to find her people. She searches hashtags that align with her shop and when she finds interesting or exciting posts, she comments and shares which results in pulling that person into her community!  Oftentimes, it results in a win-win: her new instagram friend becomes aware of her shop and they are excited that she has shared their post. Implementing this strategy only takes minutes a day and can really grow your business.


4. Coming up with creative ways to move stale inventory: One of the struggles Madeline has had to overcome was purchasing for a much larger space than she was used to. She knows the importance of moving stale inventory (even if we don’t make money on it!) so she offered grab bags and other ideas as creative ways to move inventory that has overstayed its welcome.


5. Putting her CEO hat on: Madeline admits that being the boss is hard for her, but as a business owner she knows it’s necessary.  


I work closely with Madeline so I know she now takes her role as CEO very seriously. Madeline advocates for regular team meetings, getting shop procedures in place, and so on - just like her coach. ;) It’s truly been my joy watching her take on a leadership role in her business.


Madeline’s last piece of advice to you: “Don’t do this by yourself. Find the people, find the coaching, find the group, find the classes … You don’t have to do it by yourself.”


Madeline is definitely one to follow - she’s a vibrant, authentic soul and I’m honored to have her in my group and on the podcast today. Thank you for listening!


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We are knee deep in holiday planning so jump in and join us!  We would love for you to be a part of the conversation.


About Madeline and Colorful Cute:

The best place to hang out with Madeline is on Instagram @colorfulcutegoods - that’s where the party is! You can shop her website too at .


Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante is the Founder/President of Colorful Cute- Miami’s kawaii shop. She loves to stock her store full of cute, sweet, colorful, and fun products designed to help you live a cuter life. 


When she’s not making Miami a cuter city, you can catch her reading a book, watching anime, playing with her pets, driving her teenage children around, cuddling with her partner, or getting a sunburn on the beach. 

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