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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Feb 13, 2020

Before you roll your eyes at this episode title. Know that I don’t mean corporate, stuffy, suited CEO….I mean head honcho, the queen bee, the chief creative, the VISIONARY of your biz, etc. 

I mean the person in control of your business. The boss. 

Take a minute to think about why you started your retail business. Do you remember your original business dream? Are you living that dream?

Your dream can get lost in the daily grind of doing ALL THE THINGS in your shop. I’d love for you to change your thinking and take the small steps to becoming the Creative CEO of your business. You’re not just an employee. Your dream was not just to create a job for yourself. You’ve got to take control. 

This CEO mindshift doesn’t come overnight. You’ll want to practice it. 

To help you get started, this episode covers 4 strategies to shift your mindset into running your retail business like a CEO:

  1. Acknowledging your mindset
  2. Never stop learning 
  3. Build time in your schedule to do the CEO work
  4. Knowing what success look like for you

Remember what got you and I here into our creative retail businesses, isn’t going to get us there! It’s not going to help us go even farther to making more sales and achieving a well-balanced life. We have to level up and become the CEO of our store. You can do it!

Want even more CEO tips? Check the link below. 

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