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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Oct 26, 2020

Have you thought about what business success means to you?

You started your business because you had passion and a unique set of skills to share with the world. But maybe those skills didn’t include a business background or an understanding of how to take your creative shop from newly opened doors to profitable.

You might even be unsure of what you consider successful for yourself or business.

Success can look really different from business to business, what is important is understanding how you define it so that you can take steps to achieve it.


In this episode, I share five foundational ways I see the creative retailers I work with building their own unique vision of success each day, including:


  1. Identify your “big picture” strategy for your business and your life
  2. How to develop a marketing mindset
  3. Learning how to be adaptable
  4. Consistently learning new things and applying those skills
  5. The importance of finding support from like-minded individuals


This is just an overview, and I invite you to listen to the full episode for more insights into how I help members of my Inner Circle define their success and thrive.


The Inner Circle small group coaching program is currently open for passionate retailers ready to move the needle in their own business through action and support. Click here to get the full details.


Topics Discussed:

  • Five foundations ways to build the business right for you
  • Ways to define what success looks like for you and your creative business
  • Why you should stop comparing your business and success against others


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