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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Nov 2, 2020

Emily of Milkmaid Creations and Antiques is a farmer's wife and mom to three little girls. 

She started her retail business after leaving her corporate job to be home more with her growing family. She's owned her business for over three years, where she sells antiques, home decor, custom painted furniture, and working to reintroduce DIY classes.

In the past year, Emily has hired an employee and a babysitter to help focus and hone in on growing her business. 

When the pandemic hit, she took the time to get a website up and running, and made a major pivot to hosting online sales.

Listen to the ways that Emily has taken control of her business by digging deep into her numbers, surpassed last year’s sales, and was able to reach a big goal that has majorly paid off in her business!

I hope you’re feeling inspired. Come meet other amazing, creative retailers like Emily in the Rockstar Creatives FB community!

Topics Discussed:

  • How Emily got started in her retail business
  • The tactics that Emily has used to understand how to best take charge of the CEO of her business
  • How starting small and slowly growing helped Emily stay focused on the right-sized stage of her business

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