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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

May 31, 2021

We are in the business of self-improvement all the time as shop owners, there’s just no end. It’s part of the gig. 

We have to be lifelong learners in order to improve and grow, right?

But... if you’re constantly holding yourself back and thinking that you’re not good at that… start saying to yourself: “you aren’t good at that YET.” 

Everything and everyone is trainable.

Most shop owners are doing all the things like ordering inventory, planning, working the counter, unpacking boxes, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. 

When we first start - that’s manageable. But as we grow, we need to grow our business skills. 

Jumping on the learning bandwagon, jumping all over the place. 

It’s not ideal to fall into the trap of squirrel brain learning by wanting to learn everything all at once. We have to be specific with what we are trying to learn and identify what we need each week, each month, each quarter.

Break your need-to-learn skills down into broad and simple/specific skills. Then actually set the time to learn these skills, as we discussed in Episode 59 and How To Do A Mid Year Review.

I share 2 ways in this episode are how to master skills through repetition and how to be intentional about really wanting to do these skills well. Whatever skill you need to learn, whatever thing you’ve identified as a skills gap - we then need to pay attention to how and where we can get that help and lose the squirrel brain!

Let’s dive deeper into the skills you need for your business! Grab your coffee and let’s go!