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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jul 19, 2021

Get inspired by another member of the Retailer's Inner Circle whom we are talking to today, Jane Bellante of Morning Dew Creations! It's always so helpful to hear how others manage and run their business.

In Jane's own words, her business journey is kind of crazy!
(I love that though, because we are all unique in our business journey)

She started making jewelry in her early twenties, had children, went back to get her teaching degree, all while painting custom furniture pieces on the side. Burnout set in quickly. And soon, as we like to say, Jane became an accidental entrepreneur!

She previously owned a 3,000 square foot shop and had to close due to covid. But this pause gave her newfound energy and motivation. So she moved all of her products online and launched mixed media kits with all the ingredients needed to create. She would then hop on a Zoom call so they could make it together.

Through all of her planning and decision-making, Jane shifted again. She now owns a 750 square foot shop and it's doing so well because of the community she has built. Jane SHOWS UP for her customers and her love of teaching shines through.

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