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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Aug 9, 2021

A replay from Episode #2 for our Encore Series this month! We are featuring some of our most popular and most downloaded podcasts for this round and you won't want to miss them! They are extremely relevant as you are planning for the holidays. It's important to level up and become that CEO right now. Enjoy!

Before you roll your eyes at this episode title. Know that I don't mean corporate, stuffy, suited CEO….I mean head honcho, the queen bee, the chief creative, the VISIONARY of your biz, etc.

I mean the person in control of your business. The boss.

Take a minute to think about why you started your retail business. Do you remember your original business dream? Are you living that dream?

Your dream can get lost in the daily grind of doing ALL THE THINGS in your shop. I'd love for you to change your thinking and take the small steps to become the Creative CEO of your business. You're not just an employee. Your dream was not just to create a job for yourself. You've got to take control.

This CEO mind shift doesn't come overnight. You'll want to practice it.

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