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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Aug 16, 2021

A replay from Episode #48 for our Encore Series this month! We are featuring some of our most popular and most downloaded podcasts for this round and you won't want to miss them! They are extremely relevant as you are planning for the holidays. It's important to level up and become that CEO right now. Enjoy!

Are you constantly asking yourself, where did the day go? Or, why time runs so fast? Believe it or not, we are bombarded by so many time wasters in our day-to-day business that we don't realize the impact it can generate in our lives. Between emails, text messages, calls, social media notifications, and even our colleagues, we're constantly battered with potential time-wasters.

Eliminating all the distractions at the office can have a positive impact on your productivity, output, and mental wellbeing. Don't get me wrong, my friends, distractions happen but we can reduce them.

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