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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jan 10, 2022

April Stroink is a Profits First expert and money coach who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs fall in love with their finances. She started out 20 years ago as a classically trained financial advisor but was simultaneously developing her financial practice and working with her husband to run their large specialty outdoor gear retail business. She opens up about the classic mistakes they made during that time - chasing top-line revenue, and the problems that creates.

Mindset and money go hand in hand. We tend to get so attached to our business that we see the sales, but because we're so emotionally wrapped up in it, we don't want to see the TRUE numbers. It's so important to have people on your team that are not emotionally attached so we can look at our business in a real way.

You'll love April, who happens to be MY Profits First coach too, listen in and share your feedback.

What is your money mindset? Do your habits and mindset align with your future?

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