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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Feb 7, 2022

Wowing and delighting your customer, what does that actually mean? This is a follow-up, promised episode that is packed full of ideas to help give your customers an amazing experience. It's really all about making your customers feel seen and feel like a real part of our brand. So much so that they leave telling the world all about your shop! It's all about building a community of regulars who love and sing our praises.

Try to think of ways to make things in your shop a little bit more interesting, fun, and different than everybody else. It's not about discounts and sales. It's about experiences and feelings. Creating and adding value add when customers come in. There are many ways we can do this beyond the obvious. Use the existing customer data and really create a circle of awesomeness where your customers love shopping with you, leave happy, share their experience, and tell their friends. The circle just keeps going round and round. It is a feel-good marketing strategy that works. So grab your pen and let's go!

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