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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jul 11, 2022


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We’re entrepreneurs, we’re creatives. We are naturally idea machines.
Having so many ideas, though, is a blessing and a curse.

So how do you tame all of those wonderful ideas? How do you know which ideas to say yes to and which to say no to? Here are three steps that will help you control and funnel through all of those thoughts in your head and help you put them in the right place:


  1. Big Picture Planning - Put things through a funnel. Does this idea fit into our plan? Do you have the bandwidth to follow through?
  2. Is it Passion Project: - Is this idea something you’d be willing to get up at 5 am for? 
  3. The Ideal Parking Lot - When a wonderful idea comes to you, write them down either on paper or digitally.


Stay focused on what’s moving the needle and what’s making you revenue. Stay in the lane that’s working and add creative things as you pull them out of your parking lot when the timing is right.


Full show notes here