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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Apr 25, 2022

Let’s turn old inventory into cash flow. Think of all of your inventory as dollar bills. And I mean everything. Inventory is cash sitting on your shelves, backrooms, closets, and storage bins! Let’s turn some of that inventory cash sitting there and help meet your revenue goals, pay the bills, fulfill payroll, etc.    In this episode, you’ll learn some great tips to help you boost your cash flow just by clearing out the clutter. Have a Blowout Sale and “Marie Kondo” your inventory to get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy (or make you money)!  

  1. Assess the Mess - Take a good, honest look at your stock room inventory and jot it all down. Including your project pieces.
  2. Make the Decision and Do it - Don’t think about it, don’t ponder. Declare it publically!
  3. Promote it - Hyping up the sale will help you win! Keep it simple and don’t overthink. Email, Facebook, Instagram, local businesses, online bulletin boards, etc.
  4. Move it - Consider your pricing. Get the items that are no longer serving you and get them below cost. Detach from what you paid for the item and get it sold.


Do you hold a clearance sale in your shop? What’s your process?

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