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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jul 18, 2022


There’s always going to be seasons of quiet. Many times that happens in summer. Times when things are a little slow at the shop, not as busy… but don’t panic. This is normal.


So, for this episode, I have five strategies to help you optimize those slow seasons. Strategies that will help you move forward during a not-so-busy season.


  1. Embrace a little downtime - Be OK with your shop not being crazy busy. Allow the slow times to happen and embrace the fact that rest is essential.
  2. Refresh your space - This is not so much about the merchandising, but regular shop maintenance. Need touch-up paint? Need to organize? Dust? Try and focus on the little things you never have time for during the busy season, and don’t be afraid to get your team involved.
  3. Plan your events - Have a team meeting and start planning for Q3 and Q4. Fill up your idea parking lot. No idea is a bad idea here!
  4. Update your operations - Your contracts, policies & procedures, manuals, opening and closing checklists, operations etc. 
  5. Learn something new - What do you wish you were better at? We all have something. Use this time to fill your skills gaps - our numbers, marketing strategy, POS systems, social media, your website, take a course. Whatever it may be, it’s time to level up!


Maybe you just need to rest.

That’s ok too. 


We want to show up at our very best when it gets busy again. Utilize your downtime to better prepare for what’s coming in Q3 and Q4. Be on the lookout for our Holiday Boot Camp in August!


NAME it. CLAIM it. Then you can TAME it.

Full show notes here