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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Feb 13, 2020

I’ve always been the weirdo doing things my own way. I’m a corporate dropout. I owned a coffee shop back when $3 espresso drinks were unheard of. I painted furniture and started a DIY blog before it was a trend. I opened a creative retail store and studio in my hometown in Moncton, Canada.

People thought I was crazy. I didn’t have plan. No one had heard of my paints. But I built my business with excellent customer service,  lots of enthusiasm and was able to franchise my store.

This is my origin story. How all these experiences and lessons became my journey. And I am hoping you can relate.

Now my passion is to help other creative shop owners run stronger, healthier, more profitable businesses. As one creative retailer to another, I’ve been helping and coaching retailers all over the world for several years now.

We are a rare breed of business owners.

We’re not just selling.

We’re heart-centered.

We love what we do.

We love our customers.

We love our products.

We have this vision of our dream business and life.

We all have such similar struggles with our creative retailer life.

This is why I started this podcast. To help you thrive and grow as a retailer and know you’re not alone!

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