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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Oct 17, 2022

Show Notes 

Love on your people. That’s Michelle’s motto. 

I am so excited to introduce Michelle Emmons from Vintage Me Boutique to you all!

Michelle is a mom who started out crafting folk dolls, owned booths at various antique/crafter malls, and then opened her first shop in the 90’s. Everything she learned in those hard years building a business, helped lead her to opening her own boutique!


Like many retailers, covid certainly put a wrench in her “normal” routine, but Michelle made some massive business shifts during that time and came out on top. She now sells clothing, home decor, antiques, and painted furniture.


Michelle’s shifts include Facebook lives, where she’s built a strong community of regular shoppers, and she also now holds at least two events per month in her shop. She knows and understands her community well and gears her events and products toward their wants/needs.


Tune in to get amazing advice on how to let your business evolve, and how to build a strong community of loyal shoppers the right way. Making sure your customer base feels special and heard. 


Act like a lady, think like a boss.” - Michelle Emmons

Full show notes here