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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Oct 31, 2022

Show Notes 


There are two types of business mindsets I see a lot with shop owners: 


  1. Fear & Lack mindset - Those just winging it and constantly thinking negatively.
  2. Success & Solution mindset - Problem solvers who are confident and action-oriented.


Sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves about which camp we live in a lot. 


I want you to think like a pilot. Before you fly:


  • Prepare your flight plan - know where you are going 
  • Check your systems - get your business #’s and systems in place 
  • Know how to get from point A to point B - map it out 
  • Prepare your staff, team, coaches, biz advisors (your co-pilots)


It’s time for you to create your annual “flight” plan in order to prepare for what’s coming in 2023. When you choose to prepare, you choose to weather any storm that may come your way.


Join me on November 24th for my Annual Planning session which will include resources and help you prepare that “flight” checklist. Click here and register today!


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