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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Feb 20, 2023

Show Notes 

Now that you know how to plan successful events and promotions, you need to market them with intention to ensure customers show up. In this episode, I share intentional marketing tips and ideas that will help you meet the goals you set for your event. (HINT: It’s more than just setting up a Facebook event, and calling it a day!)


A few marketing ideas I elaborate upon in this episode are behind the scenes posts and sneak peeks, in-store signage, nurturing your email list, press releases, loyalty programs, community apps, social media, and paid marketing.



(1) Build up the event 6-8 weeks in advance by sharing sneak peeks and posts that will elicit emotion from your customers. 

(2) Market to your loyal customers by offering them - for example - an early opening, special door prize, etc. 

(3) Promote your event so much that it is visible on your social accounts at all times. 

(4) Think local! Invite other small businesses, pass out postcards, etc. 

(5) Do ALL of the free marketing! 

(6) Make sure any marketing you pay for is geared specifically toward you reaching your event goal and is targeted at your ideal client. 

(7) Continue your marketing strategy throughout the entire event (social posts, lives, photos, etc) 


“Show the crowd, show the people … the frenzy and the fun and all of the exciting things that are happening during your event. It's gold.” - Wendy Batten


(8) Have unscalable conversations during the event. 

(9) Make Instagrammable moments for your customers - invite your customers to share the event via a contest or other giveaway.


Key Questions to Guide You Through Intentional Marketing Planning

  1. What can you do to attract new customers to this event?

  2. What can you do to hype up our existing customers? 

  3. What can you do on the day of the event to market and build the event up?

Full show notes here