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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Apr 24, 2023


Today I’m chatting with Christie Carter-Tokairin, a fabulous retailer seeing such great success throughout her 10 years in business at her beautiful shop, Revived Vintage. Christie has been an active and invested member of The Retailer’s Inner Circle since it began. I’m so proud to have her share some of her wisdom and some of her success secrets as she navigates her 10th year as a small shop owner of a successful creative retail business. 


We discuss throughout the episode some of the biggest issues facing so many independent shop owners: (1) building and nurturing community with customers and in your real community, (2) working full time with your husband, (3) navigating mental health and being true to what matters, (4) how to have boundaries around your business (Christie doesn’t bring her laptop home at night), and so much more.  


“I used to think that if I was working on my business every minute of every day, it would grow faster, better, stronger. And I did that when it first opened, and I found that that was actually not true at all.” - Christie Carter-Tokairin

Pay particular attention to our conversation about taking care of ourselves, letting things go, and being open and honest about our mental health. She also shares my passion for being community minded in your town. Being a good active member of your own town has such an incredible ROI on your mind and pocketbook. 


“There is no gold metal for hustling.” - Wendy Batten

She exemplifies a shop owner doing it her way, making decisions based on life first, then around her beautiful business. It’s very inspiring. 


So, let’s go and listen in on our chat about life and business as a small shop owner!


About Christie

Christie Carter-Tokairin is the owner of Revived Vintage in beautiful Qualicum Beach, BC.  Revived Vintage is a beautifully curated creative shop, featuring artistically inspired furniture, home decor, & accessories. She’s an incredible artist and also does custom painted furniture, offers workshops and is a go-to for creative paints and supplies. 


She has been reviving furniture for over 25 years and is well known, in both Alberta and British Columbia for her creative designs, knowledge of refinishing, the quality of her work and attention to detail. Her husband Craig has been sanding, repairing and building right alongside her and with his knowledge of refinishing and corporate career experience, this is a true family run, passion driven small business.


Christie and Craig have been featured in numerous newspapers and magazine articles, as well as interviewed on CBC radio. Their business model and logo were featured in a University Business Marketing program and in 2018, Christie was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Qualicum Beach Community Awards.  


Christie and Craig are celebrating their 10th business anniversary this summer!


Christie has been an active member of the Retailer’s Inner Circle since its inception, and one to follow. 


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About your host, Wendy Batten

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Wendy, a small business coach and founder of the Retailer’s Inner Circle, where I help other independent shop owners learn how to gain the right business skillsets to see more profits, paychecks, and joy as they navigate running their retail business. 

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