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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Aug 15, 2022

Show Notes 


Inner Circle member Louise McManus has managed to find that balance - a profitable and enjoyable shop, balanced with a great quality of life! She’s here to share with us how that’s possible!


Seven years ago Louise McManus bought a house, built in 1856, in historic Erie Canal hamlet and had a dream of creating a beautiful shop the community would love, and the rest is history!  This was a new venture for Louise, as she came from working in a bridal boutique and as a jewelry designer. 


The Vischer Ferry General Store is both a café and a retail gift shop. Her journey as a retail shop owner has been one to watch not only because of her multiple buckets of revenue streams, but the atmosphere she has created for her customers - it truly is a destination shop! 


I have watched her grow into a CEO who is flexible and knows how to think in the future. I know her journey will help yours as well. Take some notes, Louise is living her best life as a shop owner and is still in love with it all!


It’s my business, and it can be whatever I want it to be. - Louise McManus

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