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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Mar 27, 2023

Show Notes 

We all get caught up in what we “should” be doing in marketing, but what if that doesn’t jive with your vision for your business? What if it doesn’t feel authentic? Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with Natalie Davison: marketing guru, multi-passionate award-winning REALTOR®, and self-proclaimed local cheerleader about just that. She and I take a deep dive into this conversation on why being true to yourself matters in order to stay in alignment with your vision in business and in life.


“The most important thing for not only entrepreneurs, but every human I know, is to have a vision for the impact that they are going to create on the world...” - Natalie Davison

Throughout the discussion, we’ll also discuss why shopping local business is important (and why YOUR business specifically is important to YOUR community), how to create/reflect on your vision for your business (and life), why knowing the vision for your business is of utmost importance, and why it should drive your marketing decisions.


We also get into the exercise of “The Five Whys” that, when reflected upon, will help uncover some of the most driving forces behind your vision and how your work can change your community and future. 


Tips on Staying in Alignment with your Vision/Being True to Yourself

  1. Identify your vision and really dig deep on The Five Whys.

  2. Find an effective avenue for becoming confident with your voice/business/vision, i.e. therapy, coaching, etc.

  3. Realize that your “Attract Strategy” is just as important as your “Repel Strategy.”


“...And isn't it amazing how you will attract clients who don't value what's amazing about you when you don't value what's amazing about you? And what's amazing about you is what's unique about you. So the things that we are most ashamed of are usually the things we try to hide are usually the things that make us different, that are usually the things that are most amazing.” - Natalie Davison

  1. Know that it is okay to have a “non-sales” pitch and take necessary breaks as long as when you show up, you are being authentic to your true self and vision.

  2. If your goal is to build/support your community, a small dedicated following on social media is more beneficial than a huge worldwide one.


“Marketing is just getting humans to take action.” - Natalie Davison

About Natalie:

Natalie Davison is a brand communications expert, REALTOR® and entrepreneur, known for her signature blend of wild optimism and truth-telling. Having consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs on their brand identities, Natalie's adept at casting a vision of what's possible while simultaneously embracing what's actually true.

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