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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Dec 12, 2022

Show Notes 


Cheers to another coffee break, friends!

I’ve had this particular phrase in my head for a little while now…

The Line of Fine.


Dr. Meghan Walker talks about it a lot on her podcast in conjunction with the healthcare system. For instance, let’s say you have sleep problems. You go into the doctor, they give you a few steps to help you sleep … and now you’re fine. But what caused the sleep issues in the first place?

Isn’t that something we should know?


There’s no investigation into the why, just the focus on treatment and moving on. I see this in business as well. Why are we not digging deeper and taking a forensic look at the root cause of what the problem is within our business?


We just keep working on “getting more customers” or “more social media”...but the root cause is deeper. 


No systems, poor foot traffic, team culture, poor inventory management…whatever may be going wrong, ask yourself these questions:

What is the root cause?
How did we get here?
What do we need to do?
What do we have to learn?
Who can help us through this?

The line of fine is not fine. Don’t settle for fine in your life or business.
You need to be more than fine so you can thrive!


Full show notes here