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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jun 27, 2022


I’m so excited to introduce you to Jeff Lee! We have been working together for quite some time and Jeff has such an incredible story that I think will be really helpful to you.


Jeff calls himself an accidental entrepreneur like so many of us do. He started painting furniture and quickly turned into a gift shop, purchasing wholesale products. His growth journey from booth space to 7000 sq feet and running a profitable retail business has not always been linear. 


Jeff has seen the highs and the lows of business and gotten through it by putting on his CEO hat, digging in and doing the work. One thing Jeff will share with us is how he’s made hard decisions about product lines, branding, etc…including truly listening to what his customers want. 


Jeff will also share how he’s turned his shop into a local destination shop. From merchandising, product lines, the smell of his store, the lighting, the layout, the conversations - Jeff has mastered the FEEL of his store to bring in more customers again and again. 


I know that when you listen to Jeff’s journey and understand his mindset - you will gain so many takeaways! 


In retail, it's always: Start. Grow. Shift. Grow. Learn. Grow. Rinse. Repeat.


More show notes here