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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Sep 26, 2022


Show Notes 


Little things matter in the big picture. 

We talk about the customer experience a lot around here. That’s because we want their experience to be perfect, right? We want them to have that intangible feeling when they think about your shop. Here are ten ways easy ways to level up your business without having to revamp your entire strategy.


  1. A Clean Shop - Observe all the nooks and crannies.
  2. Visual Chaos -Behind the counter etc. Keep organized and get rid of the chaos.
  3. Checkout Ease - Make it excellent, efficient, and fast.
  4. Signage - It needs to be correct, legible, helpful, and obvious. Includes price tags as well! Clear is kind.
  5. The Atmosphere - Don’t forget the sounds and smells of your shop!
  6. Staff Appearance - An apron, a t-shirt. Have policies around this topic.
  7. Flow - Merchandising for ease and flow. Make sure it works for your customers.
  8. Be the CEO - Take the time to lead properly. 
  9. Service - Be generous, attentive, and have a genuine mindset about service. It’s part of your business culture.
  10. Shop Upkeep - Could be the flooring, the lighting, new equipment, staff uniforms, your POS system. If anything is outdated, slow, or in need of repair, it’s time to upgrade and enhance.


All of these are small but mighty shifts toward building an excellent business. 

Full show notes here