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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jan 9, 2023

Show Notes 


Welcome to Season 4 of The Creative Shop Talk Podcast!

Where we spend our time and attention it can be overwhelming. 

As we have been welcoming new members into my Retailer’s Inner Circle and Mastermind groups, we’ve been discussing different ways of running our businesses. Focusing on getting creative, innovative, and really putting new eyes on how we run things.


In 2023 seeing a small shop explosion, shopping local has new eyes and attention. Retailers are really working to pay attention to the needs of their customers.  I’m breaking it all down and sharing with you six things that we should be focusing on to help shift our energy into a positive focus for 2023.


  1. We are in the hospitality business - Remind yourself of this. Although money matters, it’s all about the connection with people. Bring humanity to your business and focus on the experience and how you’re making your customers feel.
  2. Build a positive marketing strategy - You need marketing that connects with your buyers to turn them into allies and believers. It also needs to align with your brand. 
  3. Systems - This is the time to be stable and organized with your standard operating procedures. Ask yourself, “what would make this easier?”
  4. Shop culture norms - Focus on HOW you do things. Your team, your mission, your values and shop standards - make sure they are all working for you and your team. Be the leader and be present for your team as well.
  5. Profits - Make sure your numbers are under control. Pay attention to your margins, your expenses, as well as your products and inventory. Make sure you are paying yourself and your team. Be lean, but excellent.
  6. Frictionless buying - Our customers and clients want ease. Make shopping with you easy , think about the way you serve, the hours you are open, the way people pay, and your policies etc.


2023 is the year to keep your CEO hat on tight and pay attention to all the details! 


Full show notes here