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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jan 23, 2023

Show Notes 


Are you running the store that you dreamed of?

We all had a dream when we were that what our shop would be and look like, right?  We were meticulous and we carefully curated our shop to create that dream.


But things change and evolve over time. I often see two things happen:


  1. Creep sets in - Simply put, things get off track and bad habits are created.
  2. We stop dreaming - This is when we stop evolving our business. Whether that’s with your shop culture, your staff, front windows, inventory - things need to shift and change.


Here ere are four things to consider and that I share on this episode to help you level up your shop:


  1. Shop Standards - Is everything the way you pictured it would be? Does it feel the way you want it to? 
  2. Your Team - Is your team cohesive? Are they doing the things you want them to? It might be time for some team meetings, performance evaluations, etc. How about your business advisors - do you have the right team around you?
  3. You are the CEO - Are you comfortable in this role? Has your CEO role evolved alongside your business? It’s time to level up your skills and knowledge!
  4. Customer Experience - Is the customer experience actually what you had envisioned it to be? Understand your customer’s experience from finding you, to shopping, to buying, to sharing.


It’s time to walk through your shop with fresh eyes and put your Dreamer / CEO hat back on!

Full show notes here