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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Mar 8, 2021

Many retailers are so busy running their brick-and-mortar stores and creating beautiful things, sometimes we just need a little help with marketing. Having strong retail business skills is going to be key to be successful. Marketing matters. That’s exactly what I teach in my Foot Traffic Made Simple, my new mini-workshop for shop owners. 

In today’s episode, I’m doing a Live Coaching call with Lisa Casey from The Painted Pineapple in Moncton, New Brunswick. Lisa has a great following, she rebranded just before the pandemic closed all business - she wants to go from unknown to known by more customers. On our call, we talked about how she has done a great job at getting known in Moncton and ways she can improve. She just needed some tweaks and help and we thought we would share the breakdown and process with you. We discuss tips on nurturing and wowing your customers. We talk about asking for reviews from your customers. 

Taking the first step to asking for help is the hardest. If you need help with marketing you are welcome to join me LIVE on March 15th for my Foot Traffic Made Simple mini-workshop.

I’ll be covering all of this and more. We go over a five-part marketing plan so you can put an end to overwhelm. My mission is simple, I want creative shop owners to feel confident and in control of their business, grow their profits, and get back to living the lifestyle they dreamed of!

Our guest:

Lisa Casey Retail Inner Circle member and owner and CEO of 


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