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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Mar 15, 2021

One question I received from a coaching client is "what's coming for retail, and how can I be ready?"

The answer is simple: Get ready! Don't be complacent, take action on the momentum you may have built in 2020. Shore up the gaps, get confident and strong in the areas you may feel that you have weak links. Be ready for what's coming. There's so much hope for retail. Let's congratulate ourselves for getting through 2020 and let's get ready for what's coming!

In this week's episode, I reveal the small yet powerful things that can help you make a big difference in 2021. We need to regroup and pay attention to what's coming forward. We want to be ready for anything that's coming our way. One thing you can do is look back over the year and identify the gaps that might have been in our business. I talk about how I take some time on my schedule every week for personal development. Often we forget the importance of the role of being the CEO of our own business. I also share why is so important to attract the right buying customers into our shop.

Another thing I believe is so important and that will help you make a difference is paying attention to what your customers need. I share some tips on how you can do this without stepping out of your boundaries. Something I made emphasis in this episode is about being memorable. We want people to remember us for what we do and for what we offer. I also share some tips on how to switch things up. That will help people think of us as a shop that is constantly evolving and growing.

There's so much hope for retail moving forward, if you need support, a community that making great progress in retail, want to learn new skills and guidance with running your retail business, our community may be just what you are looking for. Need help with inventory management, store operation, and business-related things, join my Retail Inner Circle.

If you need support with those CEO roles to help you get ready, if you need support with marketing and putting all, all-the-things together, and become that big picture planner, please reach out. You are not alone, join us.

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