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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Mar 22, 2021

Today we are starting a new series to bring in brand owners to chat. Today’s guest Suzanne Fulford, founder and the CEO of Dixie Belle Paint Company, started her journey as an enthusiastic DIYer with a passion for cultivating and creating beautiful timeless pieces that brought new life to old, tired, and forgotten furniture.

In this week’s episode, Suzanne and I talk about the future of the paint industry, its trends, and how brands work with retailers to make a win-win situation. I also talk about why we do and offer a particular product or service. Suzanne shares how she ended up founding and being the CEO of Dixie Belle Paint Company. 

Sometimes we are afraid of what could possibly happen with the decisions we make for our businesses. Suzzane was terrified to jeopardize her business and the profits it was bringing to her family. Her perseverance, dedication, and determination led her to have a beautiful paint company. She shares how she did her own website, she took pictures of her product, and how her marketing team helps her give back to retailers. 

You’re going to love meeting Suzanne and all the tips she shares with us today. 

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Our guest:

Dixie Belle Paint Company - Offers non-toxic, no VOC's, easy cleanup paint, and can be used on virtually any surface! High-quality chalk mineral paint is perfect for painting furniture/material/cabinets and much more. No waxing required. Dixie Belle Paint is owned/operated in the USA! For more information, please visit our website at


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