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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Mar 29, 2021

Who has not gotten to this situation at work: "Oh, I thought Wendy was going to do it", "Wait, I thought Susan had already taken care of it", and so on. Miscommunication causes big problems in our retail businesses, to slip through the cracks, leaving our small shop in trouble with no one to hold accountable for.

It's also true of ourselves as self-employed retail owners. Who is watching over us? Who are we accountable to? Who can we get to help support us?

In this week's episode, I share a few tips on how we can stay accountable in our retail business. In addition, I talk about how I stay accountable and how I created my own accountability group. When building up a great team and company, we as business owners, have to be the first ones to walk the walk. The moment our employees see us taking responsibility and following through with our commitments, they will be more likely to do the same. I discuss a strategy to improve effectively by having an internal support team.

Right now, more than ever before, having strong retail business skills is so important. I'm sharing several ways and areas and ideas on how you can stay on track and accountable in this episode. Who do you have in your world to help you stay accountable?

Maybe, the recent shutdowns and business disruptions have made you realize you need a stronger "backstage" as you come through this uncertain time in business. Being accountable is one of the skills I go over in my One-On-one Coaching program. We discuss your fears and struggles in business and how we can help you overcome them. Remember, ensuring that everybody in your retail business takes responsibility for each project will make accountability become the new norm in the company's culture.

So, stay on track, my friend. Find your people. Find a good community to support you. If you need any support with your retail business, you can reach out to me. You can find me at and in my Retailer's Inner Circle. I am so proud of everyone in the group. Inside we work together to stay educated, supported, and accountable - come and join us!

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