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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jun 14, 2021

We are all busy, driven, passion-filled retailers. We have big visions, big dreams, and we're constantly working to achieve those goals and succeed. But, there are three things that I see happening regularly with retailers who end up losing or closing their business.

1. Complacency. Not in the sense that you don't care about your business. You've just stopped paying attention. Paying attention to your customer's needs, your business standards, the look of your shop. Maybe you've stopped looking for new product lines or stopped paying attention to your marketing strategies. You're just busy! I get it. But we can't always blame external things anymore, we have to look inward, set aside our ego, and really dig into the details.

Mindset Shift - Refresh and review your store standards! Set goals and get motivated!

2. Dissatisfaction in our job. Many retailers are natural creatives and are always looking for the next new and shiny thing, right? Building the store was fun, but now you're in year two, three, or even five and feeling like you want to do something else. Are you tired? Not paying yourself enough? Bored?

Ask Yourself - What was my big picture? What's my why? What's going RIGHT in my business?

3. Neglect. This is a big one and I see it all too often. You are so busy in the day-to-day busyness of our business that you're not paying attention to the skills gaps or the attention to details as you should be, you know you need to freshen things up, learn new ways, but there just aren't enough hours in the day and the thought of having to learn something new in order to stay fresh and relevant is daunting.

It's time to revisit or reimagine your vision and go after it!

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