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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Sep 6, 2021

Here's two questions I get asked all the time:

  1. How big does my audience need to be to see profits in my shop?
  2. What should I be posting on social media to get the most people I can to visit my website?

We don't have to have a million people following us in order to be successful. We just need the RIGHT people following us.

It's all about the quality of your AUDIENCE. Your people, the buyers, your customers, your community. In today's episode, we will discuss a few ways that we can maximize profits, impact, and joy with the right size audience and the right people.

We discuss the following steps you can take:

  • You must know what you want to be known for (Retail marketing 101) - You can find more about this in my Foot Traffic Made Simple masterclass!
  • You need to know WHO you are serving and why YOU are the person for them. You can't be everything to everybody.
  • Know how to talk TO your audience, not AT them, by creating content that invites them into your world.
  • Build your small but mighty fanbase by loving on your people, sharing and caring and they will return that and become your raving fans who will support you.

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