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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Sep 27, 2021

Let's discuss the 1% difference. What if we just increase everything by 1%? What if we focus on small, tiny tasks and put them into action within our business? Sometimes that's hard to implement. I know.

It's all about the percentages, though. Every percentage matters. Whether you're trying to increase your foot traffic, increase your conversion, increase or decrease your margins, cut the payroll fees, etc. One little step at a time shows progress instead of always trying to make unattainable, giant leaps.

So what is that 1 THING that you need to work on? What is something you want to get 1% better with so you can start to see improvement in your business?

What if you had 1% of last year's annual revenue in your pocket right now? Hmm...makes us think right?

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