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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

May 16, 2022

  We work hard to get every customer in the door. Lets make sure we are serving them and turning them into buyers, not browsers. 


In this rapid-fire session, I am giving you a few suggestions to try in your own shop to help turn those browsers into buyers! I recently spoke at a conference and answered this very question and wanted to share with you.


Are you converting browsers into buyers? Before we try a new strategy - get a baseline on how you are doing so you will know what's working. Let’s understand our customer conversion rate. (It’s easy once you know how). Let’s understand the numbers and metrics to get the data you need to increase your conversion rate. (Because we can’t grow what we don’t measure - right?


Once you know that, you can dive into the following ideas:


  1. Understand why people buy - Really pay attention to your customer’s needs. Educate your staff and make sure they understand the mission.
  2. Have a flexible return policy - Don’t leave money on the table! Having a return policy will break down so many barriers.
  3. Product hesitancy - Show your customers the value of the product and how it can improve their life. Have demos and free demo days! Use your signage as a silent salesperson, provide samples, etc.
  4. Make customers feel confident - Know your products thoroughly, and provide tutorials, QR codes, and YouTube videos. Make the customer feel good about the product they are thinking about.
  5. You are the expert - Have a customer appreciation wall or bulletin board that shows other customers doing exactly what some are hesitant to do. Share customer WINS on social media! Be the expert and guide them.


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and break that barrier!


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