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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

May 23, 2022

Self-employment can be so lonely” is something I hear a lot. Sometimes, it’s the people that are close to us that just don’t get it. We can often feel isolated and lonely in the self-employed life we’ve chosen. We can feel guilt and shame for spending too much time away from family. We can feel like we’re not enough. So many feelings can bubble up when we don’t find that true support or connection from our closest inner circle.   

In this episode, we are talking about strategies to conquer those feelings and find the people who can support us and we can trust.


  1. Check-in on our Big Rocks - the important things in our business and life. Family, health, wellness, etc. Don’t sacrifice these big rocks for your business.
  2. Find Your People - Find them outside of your regular circle. Find people that are doing what you are doing and are where you want to be. 
  3. Define Your Boundaries - Don’t talk about work all the time to the people who don’t show support. Save those conversations for the tribe who gets it. 
  4. Honest Conversations - With those that support you, and those that don’t. But be sure to tell your true tribe what’s going on. Be vulnerable with them and figure out what you need for support.


Success is leapfrogging through all of this vulnerability and loneliness in our self-employed lives. Use these strategies to find YOUR understanding support community. 

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