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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

May 30, 2022


Today we have a very special guest — wealth and abundance coach for entrepreneurial women, Emily King! AKA the “money godmother”. She helps female business owners find the balance of having a heart-centered business while also making money. Having that strong money mindset is vital to any successful business!


Let’s make a shift around money.


What do you expect around money? What are your money goals?
Emily wants you to shift those expectations and thoughts. She really breaks down the money mindset in such a simple way that allows you to make that shift and find the freedom to break down the expectations you’ve built for yourself.

We have a great conversation around money and abundance - and a great tip on bad ideas and creativity!

It’s time to open up your brain to the opportunities of abundance. There is so much opportunity for all!

Start before you think you know the how.” - Emily King



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