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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jun 6, 2022


Let’s talk about the retail landscape and all the changes we’ve faced. Let’s give ourselves permission to pause and reflect in order to evolve and grow. 


Speaking of change… there is some change going on over here as well. My Retail Made Simple course is now available on my website! A four module course that shows you how to be the CEO of your business. We talk about money, retail marketing and sales, planning/time management, and stepping into that CEO role. I hope you’ll dive in!


Here are a few ideas for you to consider BEFORE we head into the busy Q3 and Q4 that may help you reflect:


  • Permission to coast - Let’s take a true pause from doing the next big thing in our business. Be ok with the way things currently are for a minute.


  • Reassess your ideal customer - have you had a chance to think about this lately? Flip the script and think about the customer you DON’T want to serve. Who is NOT a good fit for you anymore?


  • Resist the low hanging fruit - Do you still love all of your products and services? Do they still excite you and light you up?


  • The rules for your life - What are your non-negotiables? Does your business align with those values?


We’ve been so busy. It’s ok to take a minute and BE where you are right now in your business.