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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Nov 21, 2022

Show Notes 


Copy editor turned food writer turned freelancer turned blogger turned content agency.
Meet Lacy Boggs, content and copywriting expert! I think she can really help retailers in understanding the difference between copywriting, content, and the strategy surrounding the two and how to nail down their OWN brand voice! 



The copy that remains relatively static on your website


  • Your website copy shouldn’t just show the facts. It needs to include your brand voice. 



Words, videos, or audio that you produce in order to engage in a conversation with your clients or potential clients. Which hopefully will result in a sale.


  • Think sideways! What else is your customer interested in besides the products you sell? Use that as content but keep it in your brand voice, all while humanizing your business.


Brand Voice

Lacy talks about outsourcing content, copywriting, and understanding your own brand voice and style for editorial/promotional calendars, content strategy, workflow, blogging, and so much more!


This episode will break down all the ways you can create more content, understand your brand voice more and how to effectively do it or outsource it. 


This is an episode of Creative Shop Talk you’ll want to keep in your back pocket for sure!


“It’s still a really good idea to have a blog because it gets Google looking at your website more often.” - Lacy Boggs


Make sure to grab Lacy’s free gift!

Brand Voice Style Guide
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