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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jan 16, 2023

 Show Notes 


How do we keep up with the ever-evolving retail trends?

Today’s Creative Shop Talk episode is all about how to make sure your business stays fresh and exciting as the inventory and customers buying trends change. 


Today’s episode covers 2 types of trends:

  1. Product Trends and how to do the right research for your product lines
  2. Buying Trends and what trends are predicted for customer buying patterns 


How do we know what to buy? Trends can change based on the time period or where you live. But it’s also important to not just go with what’s trendy because it’s new, but choose inventory that is aligned with your brand.


Know your inventory mix. It’s OK to dip your toes into what’s trending. But those trendy items shouldn’t make up the entire bulk of your inventory (for most shops). 


Stay true to your customers needs and wants. But how? Pay attention to what your customers are actually buying. Pay attention to brands, associations, newsletters, magazines, Pinterest/Etsy, and pop culture news. Travel, and go to trade shows or other shops - it’s all about the research.


As trends come and go,remember a key focus is on the customer journey, add a fresh new mix to your inventory as the trends are popular, and keep your CEO hat on so you can make the right choices for your brand, your customers, and your values.


Full show notes here