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Creative Shop Talk with Wendy Batten

Jan 30, 2023

Show Notes 


If we want to make real progress, we need to stop setting more goals.


I am thrilled to introduce you to a new way to think of progress with my good friend and fellow coach, Richard Ralston. 


Richard has been a coach/mentor for 30+ years and focuses on helping his clients realize their full potential and make true progress on their goals. A champion of community and for communities, he specializes in helping people make progress and has created a methodology called The Progress Pod Accountability Group System where he helps people set up small mastermind groups to help them continue making progress. Within those small groups, they use the Next Tiny Step Method.


We’ve all felt overwhelmed when it comes to goal setting and reaching our goals. We set goals, and when we don’t reach them, we set even more goals. More goals = Overwhelm. So, in order to reduce the overwhelm, Richard created the Next Tiny Step Method where instead of putting the focus on the end result, you start at the tiniest first step at the beginning.


It’s really down to two questions. What do you want? And when are you going to do it? 


The Next Tiny Step is the process of making one single action. An action that is so small it’s immediately doable and you see the progress right away, which in turn motivates you even more and rids you of overwhelm. If life happens to get in the way of your next tiny step - shift it to the next available white space in your calendar. It’s that easy!


So grab your pen and paper and take notes - we’ve got a mindset shift you’ll want to use not just in your shop, but in your life! It’s time to gain clarity on your goals, take action, and make progress!


Goals are a direction to go in, not a destination to get to.” - Richard Ralston


Full show notes here